We tackle the most challenging problems in Computer Science and related fields.

Being bold and taking risks allows our embedded teams to make discoveries that affect billions of users every day.

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Google is an engineering organization unlike any other.
Because so much of what we do hasn't been done before,
the line between research and product development is wonderfully blurred.
The engineer is often engaged in research,
and the researcher in engineering.

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We support the broader research community through our Faculty Engagement and Student Support programs, and by providing Research Datasets and Tools & Resources

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Google is a fantastic place to do research. The ability to work on really interesting problems, with excellent colleagues (whose expertise is often very complementary to your own), and to have your research impact billions of users every day is incredibly exciting.

I'm at Google because that's where the data is, and the means to use it. This makes it possible to do great work at scale. In the end, the reason for doing the work is to create something useful that helps people, and Google makes it easy for researchers to roll out products that will help hundreds of millions of people.

The raw computation power available at Google is just incredible - we can do research on a scale that was unimaginable to me in academia, and work on problems that no one else is even thinking of.

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